Is Registry Cleaner Safe To Use?

Is Registry Cleaner Safe To Use?

Our Facebook poll shows that 87% of Internet customers use registry cleaners. I also belong to this majority, as I have CCleaner installed on my Pc and frequently use it. I never ever noticed that my computer began functioning faster following such cleanings". So I decided to figure out what true worth of registry cleaners is and regardless of whether we genuinely require them.

Installer technologies has come a long way and nowadays there are literally dozens of dependable freeware and low-expense installation toolkits offered each for old-style and Windows Installer Package (.MSI)-primarily based setup. I previously believed that meant the finish of Registry scrap and any cause for the existence of Registry cleaners. Even so, one particular of the Regmon troubleshooting examples Dave and I present in our Windows internals seminars produced me understand that it is not only feasible, but common, for even ideal-of-breed uninstallers that have earned the Windows logo from Microsoft to leave our Registries littered with traces of applications deleted extended ago.

The troubleshooting example that triggered my realization is 1 exactly where a user discovers that Net Explorer (IE) hangs upon startup unless they've utilized their ISP's dialer to establish an Internet connection prior to opening IE. The user captured a Regmon trace of the hang and located references to their earlier ISP's dialer in the RAS Phonebook" key beneath HKEY_Existing_USER (HKCU, the personal settings area of the Registry). Right after deleting the stale values their new ISP's dialer started launching automatically when IE opened like it was supposed to.

If you location the configuration information in the application's directory, it becomes difficult to back up - one of the major motives for the Program Files/My Documents split way back in the Windows 9x days. It is also not possible to roam. It really is pretty terrible for security too as you'd have to grant create permissions for the application directory to all potential customers. This is currently a significant situation for auto-updating apps.

If the user is using roaming profiles, it is attainable they still have the application installed on yet another Computer so removing keys from HKCU may possibly still be wrong. For example, you might have an application installed on your typical desktop, roam to an additional Computer, set up the application, uninstall it once more when you have completed and count on your settings not to be lost on your primary Pc.'registry